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Riverside County Water Task Force Speaker Series - August 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Macdonald | Western MWD
This session is being recorded and will be emailed to all registrants after the event.
Sarah Macdonald | Western MWD
As we get into the presentation, your questions are highly encouraged! Be sure to send them to me using the chat feature on your screen. Staff will be monitoring your questions, and we will have a Q&A session with the panelists at the end of the webinar.
Doug Grove - RHA Landscape Architects
This is great!!!
adrian (fresno, ca, usa)
based on the current rate, when would you lose power generation?
Paul Rodriguez
Can you clarify ag water use as a percentage? Is this 70% of all water or is it 70% of net water after deducting environmental uses?
Laura Roughton
When was this video recorded?
Mike Nagy
Could the presenters comment on the Governor Newsom's state water plan incorporating more advanced water purification and desalinization?
Laura Roughton
I love Heather’s philosophy about working together across the regions so we are all winners!! Thank you Heather!
June Hayes
Heather doesn't just mouth this philosophy--she lives it....
Daniel Hantman
Susan Longville
This video is from an episode a few weeks ago on HBO’s “Last Week with John Oliver.”
Susan Longville
This video is from an episode a few weeks ago on HBO’s “Last Week with John Oliver.”
Sarah Macdonald | Western MWD
For guests interested in viewing the full John Oliver segment, it aired on June 26, 2022 and can be found online under the title, “Water: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”
Daniel Hantman
Thanks Sarah
Alex Tardy
Rate changes through out seasons based on runoff from snow melt (pack changes annually) and evaporation from excessive heat - 20 years of drought and deficits can’t be erased in 1 year or one month. Example past 3 years rate accelerated by repeated poor monsoon, below average winter snowpack and increase evaporation from the warmest annual years on record - not just summer - same happening NorCal and Europe when consecutive years (2-3) significant drought after the 2014-16 drought Oroville) - then you have to factor rate of use that changes. An above average winter could slow rate or even net gain but weather (water year) accumulated impacts are prob most influence - weather pattern shifts or lack of it makes climate tends/extremes which are drier and warmer in SW US (more than rest of US). I saw presentations on 35 percent for environmental and 45 for agricultural then remaining is home business. Lots of room to reduce conserve besides your home. Not just storage issue but weather extremes like Jan-Mar 22
June Hayes
Will this recording be available and will it include the chats
Francis Mitalo
This may have been mentioned before I came into the meeting but considering that the drought has been around for a while and the future is a little uncertain in terms of rain, does this qualify the change of term from "drought" to "desertification"?
Joyce McIntire
Thank you Heather Dyer for your forward thinking and planning.
Chuck Conder
Thanks everyone, this was a fun and educational meeting. Have a blessed weekend all.
Brenda Dennstedt
Great program today! Thank you for the recharged format....lol
June Hayes
We need to work harder on getting the word out to the local electeds and to the citizenry to get overall buyin
Sarah Macdonald | Western MWD
To get more involved and to become a partner in long-term water supply solutions, visit www.SolveTheWaterCrisis.com
Paul Rodriguez
Great to see the level of engagement from participants. Thanks for the program!
June Hayes
I'm with Brenda! This was a wonderful program and it's so nice to see the regional discussion and approach
Heather Dyer
This was fun! Thanks, all.
Sarah Macdonald | Western MWD
Thank you for joining us for the Riverside County Water Task Force Speaker Series. A link to the event recording and presentations will be sent out to all attendees, and will be available on Western's website.Be sure to save the date for or first annual Riverside County Water task Force Water Summit on Friday, Nov. 4.